We are miffed

Canon Kenneth Kearon 
Secretary General of the Anglican Communion 
An ACNS press release conveys the General Secretary's comments on the English vote by barely mentioning it:
What next steps are taken by the Church of England is up to that Province.
It lists 8 provinces as having signed or subscribed:
  • The Church of Ireland 
  • The Anglican Church of Mexico 
  • The Church of the Province of Myanmar 
  • The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea 
  • The Church of the Province of South East Asia 
  • The Anglican Church of Southern Africa subject to final ratification
  • The Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America 
  • The Church in the Province of the West Indies
It omits to mention that the Episcopal Church in the Philippines has also rejected the Covenant.

Presumably these provinces are already taking steps to implement the Covenant amongst themselves as envisaged by clause 4.2.8 should any matter arise within one of them which may be of concern to any of the others.

It is hard to imagine that the Covenanteers did not anticipate a Communion in which some signed up and others did not.


  1. I despair of the current leadership in Lambeth and the Communion Office. It is a whisker away from being disingenuous. Just what are they trying to say, are they trying to save face, do they really want a formal schism, have they forgotten that there are a number of other Provinces which will certainly not vote for the Covenant e.g. New Zealand for one and the American Episcopal Church for another.

    I suppose that this surreal situation will continue running on automatic as if a Covenant were a possibility until we get a new Archbishop who, pray God, will stop the process.

  2. Further, the Church of England will henceforth be referenced as 'that Province'.