Manchester votes today

Manchester votes today

Manchester Against
Bishops  For: 1,  Against: 2,  Abstained: 0
Clergy     For: 15,  Against:  25,  Abstained: 0
Laity        For: 12,  Against: 23,  Abstained: 7


Dioceses for the Covenant to date: 15
Dioceses against the Covenant to date: 25

There are 4 dioceses yet to vote 
Southwell and Nottingham 12 April (Thursday), Chichester on 21 April,  Newcastle and York 28 April.

Overall figures from the Ven Alan Perry
With Manchester's figures, we now have:
Bishops: 77.4% for, 16.7% against, 6.0% abstentions
Clergy:    45.0% for, 50.9% against, 4.1% abstentions
Laity:       48.1% for, 47.0% against, 4.9% abstentions
Overall:   47.5% for, 48.0% against, 4.5% abstentions
Overall (clergy and laity only): 46.7% for, 48.8% against, 4.5% abstentions
Total figures now show more against than for overall, even including bishops. Overall opposition has been strongest among the clergy.


  1. I told you (that is Prudence of the Yes to the Covenant scheme) that the overall figures would eventually be a majority against.

  2. Yes, but ... there's a very good chance that the 4 dioceses yet to vote will produce a majority in favour of the Covenant.