Covenant votes March 24

The Covenant has failed in the Church of England

If two more dioceses vote against the Covenant it will fail in England. 

There are signs of dioceses presenting the hard sell and limiting voices against the Covenant. I find this destructive of synodical government as a whole. It turns what should be a process of discernment and reception into a rubber-stamping exercise. It says that the views of synod members count for little unless they agree with the powers-that-be.

We will soon see what happens today.

I will update the chart through the day as news comes in.

Updated: 14.33 - Peterborough figures were incorrectly reported and have now been updated

Blackburn  For
Bishops  For: 2,  Against: 0,  Abstained: 0
Clergy     For: 40,  Against: 7,  Abstained: 1
Laity        For: 33,  Against: 16,  Abstained: 1
Exeter  For
Bishops  For: 3,  Against: 0,  Abstained: 0
Clergy     For: 28,  Against: 8,  Abstained: 1
Laity        For: 30,  Against: 20,  Abstained: 2
Guildford  Against
Bishops  For: 2,  Against: 0,  Abstained: 0
Clergy     For: 14,  Against: 22,  Abstained: 1
Laity        For: 23,  Against: 18,  Abstained: 2
Lincoln  Against
Bishops  For: 0,  Against: 3,  Abstained: 0
Clergy     For: 6,  Against: 28,  Abstained: 3
Laity        For: 2,  Against: 34,  Abstained: 2
Oxford  Against
Bishops  For: 3,  Against: 1,  Abstained: 0
Clergy     For: 14 (or 15),  Against: 36 (or 38),  Abstained: 2
Laity        For: 32 (or 35),  Against: 24 (or 29),  Abstained: 3 
There is some dispute over exact voting figures - indeed apparent disagreement over the total number of voters. All - except the result - subject to confirmation. 

Peterborough  For
Bishops For: 2,  Against: 0,  Abstained: 0
Clergy   For: 22,  Against: 18,  Abstained: 1
Laity     For: 28,  Against: 13,  Abstained: 7

Dioceses for the Covenant to date: 15
Dioceses against the Covenant to date: 23

Therefore the Covenant has been rejected and the issue will not be brought to the General Synod again before a new Synod is elected.

There are 6 dioceses yet to vote (including those above).

Still to come:
London 29 March (Thursday) 
Manchester 31 March
Southwell and Nottingham 12 April (Thursday)
Chichester on 21 April 
Newcastle and York 28 April.

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