Statistical summary

The Ven Alan Perry
Executive Archdeacon of Edmonton
Alan Perry has once again worked the numbers through the spreadsheet. He says:

Oxford's confusion has made the update of the statistics difficult, because I had to decide how to include them. In the end, I chose to average the numbers, rounding. 

So, I have included for Oxford:
Clergy: 15 for, 37 against, 2 abstentions
Laity: 34 for, 27 against, 3 abstentions.
Bearing that in mind, total voting statistics now stand at:
Bishops: 79.5% for, 14.1% against, 6.4% abstentions
Clergy: 45.7% for, 50.1% against, 4.3% abstentions
Laity: 48.6% for, 46.4% against, 5.0% abstentions

Overall: 48.1% for, 47.2% against, 4.7% abstentions
Overall (clergy and laity only): 47.3% for, 48.1% against, 4.7% abstentions
The overwhelming support for the Covenant by the bishops pushes the total to a slim plurality of support for it, but when their votes are excluded from the counting (as their votes don't actually count in the diocesan totals) the reverse is true. Except amongst the bishops, it is clear that the members of the diocesan synods that have voted to date are almost exactly evenly divided as to whether the Covenant ought to be adopted by the Church of England, though there is a significant margin and a majority against adoption amongst the clergy.

Where the votes actually count, of the 38 dioceses voting to date, 23 have voted against the Covenant and 15 for. Thus, regardless how the remaining 6 dioceses vote, a majority of the 44 dioceses has already voted against the Covenant, and its consideration cannot return to the General Synod during the current quinquennium.


  1. Not that the bishops are out of touch or anything.... Credit due to the few who voted against.

  2. I wonder if you can see this in several ways - out of touch, perhaps, or over-collegiate? Or discovering they can't control 'their' synods (my comments to the contrary notwithstanding).

    But you are right - this will be a key aspect of the postmortem.

  3. Over-collegiate, too, and not enough attention to the age of the internet (It's here, guys, really!) which gives voice to many who previously had no voice.

  4. Usually styled "The Ven" rather than "Canon". I do have a canonship in Montreal, but don't use the title.

    1. My apologies, corrected herewith, Paul