Three videos

1) The worried Archbishop of Canterbury

2) An answer from Louie Crew

I hope to offer some response myself, but neither by video nor till the weekend.

3) A message from Prof Diarmaid McCulloch


  1. Excellent presentations. Rowan please let it drop now.

  2. Anonymous7/3/12

    Why the disproportionately high numbers of gays in the Anglican communion's clergy roster (in the First World)? Is it the chance to mince around in vestments for a living?

  3. NIxon is Lord ... no doubt then who you'll be voting for in the American primaries!

  4. Nixon, I take your first question seriously: I doubt gay people are disproportionately represented amongst Anglican clergy in the first world compared to elsewhere.

    I suspect that, like you and I, gay people in North America in particular have little to fear in being open and honest. In much of the rest of the world they would need to be much more hidden, not least because of the threat of physical violence.