Dioceses voting March 17

With five dioceses voting today it is mathematically possibly that the Covenant could be defeated, but improbable - and so it proved. 

It is possible that a decision will come next week - and, equally, that we may have to wait a little longer. I remain hopeful.

I will update the chart through the day as news comes in.

Final update 15.39

Chester For 
Bishops For: 3,  Against: 0,  Abstained: 0
Clergy   For: 22,  Against: 14,  Abstained: 5
Laity     For: 26,  Against: 23,  Abstained: 5
Ely  Against
Bishops For: 1,  Against: 0,  Abstained: 1
Clergy   For: 16,  Against: 23,  Abstained: 1
Laity     For: 19,  Against: 19,  Abstained: -
Liverpool  Against
Bishop James has spoken against the covenant in his presidential address before the covenant debate.  
Bishops For: 0,  Against: 2,  Abstained: 0
Clergy   For: 10,  Against: 26,  Abstained: 1
Laity     For: 8,  Against: 28,  Abstained: 5
Norwich For
Bishops For: 3,  Against: 0,  Abstained: 0
Clergy   For: 26,  Against: 10,  Abstained: 0
Laity     For: 19,  Against: 15,  Abstained: 1

St. Albans  Against
Bishops For: 2,  Against: 0,  Abstained: 0
Clergy   For: 21,  Against: 31,  Abstained: -
Laity     For: 17,  Against: 44,  Abstained: - 

Dioceses for the Covenant to date: 12
Dioceses against the Covenant to date: 20

For the Covenant to succeed 11 more dioceses must vote in favour
For the Covenant to fail 2 more dioceses must vote against
There are 12 dioceses yet to vote (including those above).

Dioceses voting next Saturday:
  • Blackburn
  • Exeter
  • Guildford
  • Lincoln
  • Oxford
  • Peterborough

After that, London votes on 29 March (Thursday) and Manchester on the 31st. Southwell and Nottingham vote on Thursday 12 April, Chichester on 21st, with Newcastle and York bringing up the rear on 28 April.


  1. Anonymous17/3/12

    Norwich has voted for

  2. Anonymous17/3/12

    Bad news not getting Norwich, but great news that Liverpool said no. If we don't get Guildford and Oxford it could all hang on London!

  3. Paul, thanks. I lifted your information for my blog.

    You may want to correct the number for the bishops' vote in Norwich.

  4. Merci, Grandmère, 30 Bishops voting might have seemed like a bit of a top-heavy diocese.

  5. Brian, thank you for your messages. I think I was getting a bit to eat when the Norwich vote came in and didn't see it straight away.

  6. Thank you for keeping us informed!



  7. Do we have any ideas which way different dioceses might vote?


  8. Bosco, not really. We're all gazing into the crystal ball like mad, trying to get to the end of the story without the wait.

    The reality is we're hopeful, even cautiously confident, but until the counting is finished we can't be sure.

    Tune in next week for the next thrilling episode ...