Zimbabwe currency

Paying for a meal in Zimbabwe cost Z$6 million before revaluation

Is this a key reason there are talks between Mugabe and MDC?

A friend went to the bank today to withdraw money $200. He got paid out in 50c coins because the bank had no paper money to give him. So I decided to weigh them, that is 2kg of coins.

Store tellers in Zimbabwe are going mad as they cannot cope with the number of coins they are having to process. To buy a packet of milk, a loaf of bread, a few tomatoes and a dozen eggs is around $124 revalued currency or $1 240 000 000 000 old money.

Now you have to work it out in 50c coins, the most common available currency at the moment. That comes to 248 x 50c coins!

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And see this blog from 'Helen' on the Channel Four website.

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