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Political Research Associates has launched an investigation into right-wing efforts to destabilize mainline Protestant denominations and their LGBT rights programs and policies with the hiring of Project Director Kapya John Kaoma. A news release from PRA continues:

Over the past several decades, mainline Christian denominations in the U.S. have faced relentless pressure from conservatives both inside and outside their churches to abandon the tradition of social witness. In recent years, such campaigns have seized on the issues of marriage equality and ordination of gay and lesbian clergy, embroiling many local churches and even international church bodies in the controversies. Among other effects, such campaigns have weakened the socially progressive role of mainline denominations in public life. Political Research Associates' new program will investigate the leading strategies being employed by right-wing groups to destabilize the progressive LGBT programs of mainline denominations.

PRA have a strong track record in this area see here and here. Their strapline is 'Researching the Right for Progressive Changemakers' and describe themselves here.

Sadly so much of the Communion's troubles have been the export of the American Church's internal conflicts. That's the trouble with political hegemony, you get all the cultural trash bundled in with the deal.

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