Judging and not judging, again

Ankole, long horn, cattle in Uganda

On the other hand I will leave you to judge this report yourselves (see below).

From New Vision (Kampala) (here)

by Cyprian Musoke

THE head of the National Fellowship of Born-Again Churches in Uganda has said randy pastors who indulge in sex with their flock have been one of his major challenges.

Pastor Alex Mitala said he has had a lot of trouble sorting out the cases of "pastors in town who go around sleeping with girls everywhere."

He told journalists that there were several such cases with him and before he solves them, he gets other complaints.

He, however, exonerated pastor Jackson Ssenyonga over allegations of molesting a girl on a plane in the USA, saying he was not randy like others.

"I have known Jackson since he was a boy and his wife Eve since she was a girl. I have never heard of any immoral character in them," Mitala said on Monday.

Ssenyonga, the head of Christian Life Church Bwaise, was arrested on Saturday for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl on a flight as he moved to preach.

Well, that's alright then if Pastor Alex Mitala says he's OK.

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