Listening to the other side

Over at Only Connect there is a letter by MCU members Rev Gillian Cooke and Dr Alan Sheard pointing out the poverty of 'listening' to homosexuals and the failure to 'take seriously both the teaching of Scripture and the results of scientific and medical research'. Don't blame the liberals, they say, when no side has taken the Lambeth resolutions seriously.

On the 5th Peter Ould, from a firmly conservative position, wrote a careful and sensitive piece which accepted some of these criticisms and called on conservatives to listen much more seriously.
He also, 'bravely' one of his commentators said, called for conservatives to endorse the proposed moratorium on cross-border incursions. It is this that most of the comments refer to. Both his article and the comments are well worth reading and taking seriously: they are a snap shot of the (almost) inevitability of division - not least the arguments that, first, too may people have gone through too much for too long top stop now and, second, what if they did - would the court cases stop or anyone change their minds?

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