Zimbabwe: Bishop Bakare speaks from the Lambeth Conference

Meanwhile at the Lambeth Conference at the Universaity of Kent, Canterbury and concerning Zimbabwe: As reported by the Anglican Church of Canada website and various others, Bishop Sebastian Bakare Bishop of Harare, who replaced excommunicated Mugabe mouthpiece, Nolbert Kunonga warned on the recent Memorandum of Understanding signed on 21st July by Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsangerai.

‘History did not bode well for this undertaking – a similar undertaking signed in 1981 between Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo to end the civil war in Matabeleand, made Nkomo a member of the Mugabe government and effectively ended all opposition and the disappearance of Nkomo’s ZAPU party.’

Bishop Bakare said: “I am very fearful for the future coming from our history.’ – ‘I want to believe that the opposition party is aware thet Mugabe isn’t there just to hand in power – The MOU provides little hope.”

He went on to speak of Anglicans who “have stood up to the police – it’s their Church they’re fighting for… that’s the courage people have developed. What Zimbabweans’ urgently need is a deep sense of security without fear, the basic necessities of food and medicines and a climate where the rule of law is observed and human dignity is respected.”

Latest reports today speak of an impasse in the MOU talks and Morgan Tsangerai’s negotiators refusing the offer of a Vice-Presidential position for him – quite rightly as he won the Presidential election, even though it was heavily rigged.

ANGLICAN-INFORMATION reminds readers of how close to Nolbert Kunonga and Robert Mugabe former Archbishop Bernard Malango has been and how easy it would be for the poison (an effective metaphorical one this time) of the Mugabe regime to contaminate the thinking of some of the bishops of the Anglican Central African Province.

Watch, pray and approach what a certain U.K. journalists writes with great caution.

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