Welcome to Not the same stream.

This blog begins as a development from Only Connect (the blog of MCU, the Modern Churchpeople's Union) - though I hope it will soon grow its own style and directions.

In particular I hope to continue:

  • Posting material from Anglican Information as it arrives and picking up what's happening in the Province of Central Africa.
  • Arguing against the foolishness and wrongheadedness of attempting to centralise the Anglican Communion and control how people believe.
  • And some MCU material will probably appear on both.

In addition I'd like to explore:

  • How do we build a church that is inclusive in practice?
  • What the internet (etc.) does to faith and churches
  • What does the whole idea of 'emergent' churches or 'fresh expressions' do to the existing power structures of churches?
  • Constructivist approaches to ecclesiology

What I would very much like to do is to invite people (especially those who comment regularly on Only Connect) to contribute directly to this blog - both as commentators and as authors - and in that way to broaden the range of issues and the range of perspectives.

And I've turned comment moderation off, just to see how it goes. Welcome to Not the same stream.


  1. I've just rushed over to this website from the MCU Only Connect site. I am really sorry about what has happened.

    Thank God you have had the courage to start a new site and feature the 'offending' Anglican Information although for the life of me I can't see what the fuss is about - they're just giving news about poor people who are much put upon.

    Be assured you have my support.

  2. Dear Not the same Stream,

    This site has potential. May i suggest that you clear off the introduction that gives the unfortunate history as teh press will pick it up and it makes you look disgruntled.

    Then as you're obvious a dab hand at websites redesign and freshen the appear of it and go for it - it might become the best online yet.

    Sorry to sound pompous but you might as well make a virtue (no pun intended) out of what looks like a necessity.

    Good luck!

  3. The welcome is hereby amended.

    I couldn't imagine where you get the idea from that I was disgruntled.

    And I'm not a dab hand at websites - I don't know enough to edit the templates that blogger provides. I rather like this plain page, especially for text, though I agree it will look much better with a few photos.

    But, in a liberal sort of way, I'm open to hints and suggestions - just so long as no-one thinks that's the same as, or morally equivalent to, censorship.

  4. Glad you're online - when I tell friends about it and they can't remember the URL do we Google Notthesamestream or Not the same stream?

    Anyway, I think we can distinguish between sensible editing and the suppression of information as a result of press lobbying so don't worry on my behalf.

  5. Observer, I think it'll be a little while before Google sees the blog easily (though there is a specialised blog search facility).

    In the meantime the more links to the blog that are made the more chance it has of being seen.

    To test these assertions I've just typed '"Not the same stream" blog' into google and the third entry is Only Connect - that may be the easier route for a while.

  6. Many thanks. I and my friends will certainly access this site as a priority.

  7. Great things grow from little beginnings. I for one look forward to watching how Not The Same Stream develops.

  8. I find that I'm now blogging on two sites. I've just finished a blog on the MCU Only Connect site in response to Betsy Grey. I've pointed out my view that MCU have done themselves no favours in aiding and abetting in the suppression of information.

    I guess I too will be blogging on this site mostly in the future because if MCU don't get their act together soon and rectify their error in allowing Ruth Gledhill to intimidate them they are not worth it as a credible site.

  9. I take the point about the two sites. I'm afraid relatively little will now go on the MCU site for the foreseeable future.

    However - following your comment there, penwatch, Betsy asked

    "By the way - a question from a new-to-blogging blogger: why the anonymity of so many bloggers? I'm sure there must be a reason but what is it? Should we not stand up and be counted?"

  10. I don't know why it falls to me to answer a fact of life on the web but here's goes:

    Let me start by saying that I don't actually know who Betsy Grey is she's or even he could be anybody - I checked here/his profile and there is no information available. So the pot's calling the kettle black!

    I used to be very suspicious of the anonymity afforded by the web. However, I've come to believe that it is a price worth paying and that amongst the dross and madness out there it is always possible to get at the truth. You get to know long-term bloggers just like real people, as it were, and whether you can trust them.

    In the light of this I remain deeply worried by what MCU has done - the very reverse of outing the truth
    They (and I can still hardly believe it) of all organisations (100 years+ and often in the firing line) have bowed down to a very conservative and unreliable, even (in my opinion)dangerous journalist who has done her level best to muck up the Anglican Communion.

  11. Great. I've added you to my reader and added your site to the blogroll at A Blogspotting Anglican Episcopalian at http://episcopalian.wordpress.com/

    Best of luck with your new blog!

    Dan Porter

  12. Many thanks, blogspotter, I drop in at your place from time to time - good selection of posts.