More on the death of Bernard Mlota and imprisonment of Leonard Mondoma

From Anglican Information

Death of Bernard Mlota and imprisonment of Leonard Mondoma, Nkhota-kota, Malawi. The continuing story of two innocent men falsely accused by the UK Press of the so-called ‘poisoning’ of the late Canon Rodney Hunter.

ANGLICAN INFORMATION has recently released three postings 30th, 31st July and 1st August, available on our website, cataloguing in detail the grave injustice done to two men who were accused by the Press (See The U.K. Times 26th April ‘Enemy of Liberal Anglicans was poisoned’) of murdering the late Canon Rodney Hunter, without evidence.

This story, relatives claim, contributed towards the death of Mlota (churchwarden of All Saints’ Cathedral, Nkhota-kota) and the traumatisation of Mondoma who was Canon Hunter’s loyal cook.

Copied below is a letter we have received from one of Leonard Mondoma’s relatives:

I am a cousin to the father of Mondoma and am one of the few relatives who used to visit Leonard Mondoma in the prison. I must say that I am very thankful to Anglican Information, Amnesty International and all individuals who have played a very big role in the freedom Leonard is enjoying now after being freed on bail. Leonard continues to report to Nkhota-Kota police station every month end accompanied by his father. This far much better but this is not the freedom he wants as a normal person.

It is sad sad to note that despite Leonard’s loyalty to late Rev. Hunter, some ill-minded people could think let alone tell the world that Leonard
was responsible for the 'the murder' without having any substance of the truth. The first question that I have is 'which biblical teaching are the following?' and what were they expecting as a benefit for their actions?

What these people here in Nkhota-Kota (a reference to suspended priest Dennis Kayamba on whose word alone the men were imprisoned) and the negative minded writer in UK must know is that what they have done to our member of family has not gone well with the family. We think there is need for justice here. Those who have claimed verbally or through the papers and those that support those actions before, during or after Leonard's arrest should substanciate their claims because we are talking about someone’s life which is as dear as their own.

The family would like to ask individuals or organisations who are in a position to follow up on the events so that those who perpetuated the story so that Leonard's name is cleared and he starts to live a normal life.

Once again, thank you Anglican Information. It is my hope that you continue to help the world and those in need of your assistance in terms of telling the world the truth without fear and favour.

Thank you and God bless.

Mc Donald Kapatuka 5th August 2008

ANGLICAN-INFORMATION notes that unsurprisingly these revelations have generated a great deal of interest and we are pleased to stand up on behalf of these innocent victims as a ‘voice for the voiceless’.


  1. I feel really sorry for these people. I am pleased that Anglican Information and Amnesty International have got involved.

  2. I hope that further action/investigation by Anglican Information or Amnesty International will now be taken. It is hard for us in the West to comprehend how such miscarriages of justice can be perpetuated.