We say peace and they chant War

From SW Radio Africa
Video footage has emerged showing how police in April this year violently disrupted a church service in Glen Norah that had been organized by a coalition of churches to pray for peace in Zimbabwe. ZANU PF youths are also seen marching around the church chanting 'war, war, war.' ....

Under the theme "Saving Zimbabwe, the unfinished journey" the service was initially meant to have been held at St Peters Kubatana Centre in Highfields, but was changed to the Nazarene Church in Glen Norah after police camped in Highfields overnight and sealed off the venue to block access to the grounds.
Ten church goers and four pastors were arrested and taken to Glen Norah police station, where they were denied access to lawyers. One of the detainees, the MDC-T's Shakespeare Mukoyi, was brutally assaulted inside the church building.
Full story here.

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