A challenge for you

My colleagues at Comprehensive Unity: The No Anglican Covenant Blog have launched a competition:
Where are the best arguments for the Covenant?
... there seems to be a dearth of argumentation on the other side, and much of what there is comes from Lambeth Palace, the Anglican Communion Office, or people who have had a direct role in producing the Covenant text.

Although there have been many reasons advanced for scrapping the Covenant, reasons that have been carefully laid out and fully explored, arguments for the Covenant seem to rely on the notion that no one can think of anything else—the Covenant is the only way forward we are told—or on what can only be called na├»ve hopefulness.
So, What do you think are the strongest arguments in favor of the Covenant, and where can the best articulation of those arguments be found?
And there's a prize - you can set out your arguments on the NACC blog (good taste being the only constraint).

Answer in the comments box and the platform may be yours for a day.

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