Women bishops in Uganda?

From The New Vision (Uganda)

Female clergy in the country have demanded that the Church of Uganda starts
ordaining women bishops. Under their association, the Church of Uganda Clergy
Women Fellowship (CUCWF), they decried the low number of female clerics in the

"In Karamoja, there is only one female clergy. We need more female
parish priests. It is high time we also had women bishops," said Rev. Prudence
Kaddu, the acting chairperson of CUWCF.

“The Church of Uganda started training female clergy in 1964, but since
then, we have never had any female bishop, why?” Kaddu wondered.

“It is good for the leaders to see the talents we have and understand our spiritual gifts to the ministry. Women are effective. In fact, if anything, we are even better.”
She said there was nothing in the Church ministry that men could do that
women could not.

Even on the darkest day there is hope.

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