Nehemiah rises

Part of the Jerusalem wall dated to Nehemiah's time

From the Zimbabwean

HARARE - The Anglican Diocese in the Church of the Province of central Africa (CPCA) has come up with a comprehensive programme named 'Nehemiah' to
rebuild the Diocese and resuscitate fellowship and worship among the Anglican community.

Spearheaded by the Bishop Sebastian Bakare, the Nehemiah Festivals will
kick off on October 26 at the Harare Showground with the confirmation of almost
1 000 people. Other festivities include the auctioning and selling of prayer
books, bibles and other biblical reading materials, and beverages, excluding

Nehemiah was an Old Testament prophet whose courage and conviction to
rebuild the fallen walls of Jerusalem inspired many to act with great bravery in
the face of persecution.

"Every Anglican in the Diocese of Harare has a role to play in the
rebuilding of the church through donations in cash and or in kind," Patrick
Mahari, the Chairperson of the Nehemiah Committee said.

The CPCA has been under constant attack from hooligans linked to the former
bishop Nolbert Kunonga since his withdrawal from the Church. Kunonga, with
police aid has barred Anglicans from Church buildings citing a non-existent
court ruling.

Justice Rita Makarau ruled that the break-away Kunonga followers can still
share services with the CPCA until the case of ownership of church property is
finalised but police officers acting 'on instructions from above' have illegally
occupied church premises in violation of the order.

Bishop Bakare urged Anglicans to jealously guard the Church heritage
against the continued provocation by Kunonga and his thugs.

"Let us re-write our own piece of history by shaming our detractors,"
Bakare said.

Thanks to Anglicans Ablaze.


  1. All credit to Bishop Sebastian Bakare. Maybe others will follow his example!

  2. There is however sadly a whiff of desperation about this as Mugabe's regime and that of his mouthpiece 'Archbishop' Nolbert Kunonga are reasserting themselves. Until Morgan Tsvangirai can pull off the power sharing deal the Anglican Church is in trouble.

    The latest news from Zimbabwe does not look good in terms of this as the power sharing seems to be collapsing.

  3. I feel really sorry for these poor people. Did you know that the inflation rate in Zimbabwe is now 241 million% which is a world record, exceeding that of 1970's Hungry at a mere 71 million% and far in excess of the pre Second World War Weimar Republic.

    This means that the people are mostly reduced scratching a living off the land and still they stand up to intimidation.