Blessing a civil partnership in Wales

St Hywyn's in Aberdaron.

From BBC Wales (23.9.08)

A vicar in Gwynedd has been reprimanded by the Archbishop of Wales for blessing a gay civil partnership between two women.

The service was conducted by the Reverend Jim Cotter at St Hywyn's Church in Aberdaron, with the approval of the local church council.

A complaint was made to the Archbishop who wrote to the Rev Cotter telling him he had exceeded his authority.

The Church in Wales said it had "no liturgy" for same-sex unions.

The vicar said he had been given approval by the local church council to carry out the ceremony in July, and he was not aware of any opposition locally.

He said around a dozen friends of the couple attended, along with three members of the church council.


Sorry this is old news. I used to know Jim a liitle and always had a great deal of regard for him.

And I'll be away now for a couple of days so after today I won't post again after today until the weekend.

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