Gay movement formed in Malawi

OK, just one more post, then I really must get on dealing with the outside world.

In a curiously worded article the Nyasa Times reports the creation of a Gay Rights Movement in Malawi:

Gays and lesbians in Malawi have formed the Malawi Gay Rights Movement (Magrim) to sensitise and lure Malawians into homosexuality.
Homosexuality is illegal in the laws of Malawi and punishable by imprisonment with hard labour.

But the movement said it will lobby amendment of the Panel Code which criminalizes homosexuality saying the constitution of the republic which has bill of rights does not condone discrimination.

"Doesn't our Republican constitution say everyone is equal, and that nobody
is more equal than others?" wondered Mc Leod. [Who kept his surname from the press]
"We have a place in Blantyre City Centre where we have been meeting for the
past six years," disclosed Gay leader.

He added that it also had plans to begin outreach activities, starting this November, to sensitise people that homosexuality is natural, and no cause for shame.

In addition to legislative change they may also want to work on better understanding in the media.

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