State corruption to blame for Zimbabwe collapse, Harare bishop says

From Episcopal Life

Bishop Sebastian Bakare of the Anglican Diocese of Harare, Zimbabwe, has blamed
State corruption and political patronage for a collapse in social services in
the country, where at least 20 people have died of cholera in recent weeks.

"Good governance, justice and peace remain a pipe dream for many in
Zimbabwe," Bakare said in a pastoral letter circulated to Anglicans in the
African nation in early October.

"Selfish leadership has no room for the neighbor. As you all know, most people have been without running water in their homes for months, let alone electricity, and there are no affordable food items," Bakare wrote.

He stated, "Cholera, a water-borne disease, has claimed several lives in Chitungwiza. In short, we have been messed up by a few men and women who have ravaged our economy through corruption and patronage."

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