Tensions in Malawi

From George Conger, first published in the Church of England Newspaper, under the headline Arab Spring coming to Malawi?:
Bishop James Tengatenga
The senior Anglican bishop of Malawi, the Rt. Rev. James Tengatenga, has denounced the government of President Bingu wa Mutharika as being out of touch and set on serving its own needs rather than those of the people.
In his address, Bishop Tengatenga called upon Malawians to be patient, but also warned that this patience should be predicated on the government accepting its responsibilities to repair the “malfunctioning system” of governance.
“As we enter another New Year on our long journey of waiting for the coming of our Lord, I urge you to be your best and wait with a purpose,” the bishop said, but “any person should be waiting with a purpose and that nobody should cheat another that things in our country are okay when the opposite is true."

This is not the first time the Bishop has expressed his views on the government and its leaders: Malawi Voice, May 2011.

He is also Chair of the Anglican Consultative Council, a role which may help protect him as a high profile critic of his government.

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