Support for the court against Mwamba

The court was right on Mwamba case

letter in Mmegi here. This is a very belated reply to a letter last November. While it's clear the matter has not gone away it would seem the steam has gone out of it.

In response to an article written to your widely read paper Mmegi of Wednesday November 26, 2008, by Monthe from Francistown who claims to be member of the Anglican Church entitled "God saved Anglican with Bishop Mwamba".

My understanding of that article is that the writer wants the Anglicans at large including myself and general public to believe that the ordeal, which Anglican Church Botswana diocese led by Bishop Trevor Mwamba emanated from the behaviour of the seven priests who were suspended by then. To me Mr Editor, Ms/Mr Monthe displayed serious problems with the factual if there are any and legal aspects of the matter.

Monthe made his or her judgement against the seven priests on the basis of the behaviour of one priest whom he or she claimed that he served in their parish who was an embarrassment to them. This judgement to me is malicious and defamatory to the other six(6) priests.

I fail to understand how the majority of Anglicans have actually suffered humiliation brought to their church by these few clergy when this scenario was prompted by their suspension by Bishop Mwamba without consulting their respective parishes. Bishop Mwamba and his advisors plus his protégés did not seek any audience from the concerned priests to answer their charges prior to their suspension.

Mr Editor I belief that even now all the parishes do not know the grounds on which the suspension was effected in exception of Francistown where Monthe worships.

Personally I attended the first session of the matter between the parties raised in the article where the respondent's lawyers (bishop's) surprised the honourable court that the suspension is not embracing the Anglican Church internationally, but effected within the Diocese of Botswana only. One wondered how the bishop would handle a case of recommending someone to serve in any Diocese when he has served him with suspension this is hypocrisy of the highest magnitude.

Mr Editor concerning the constitution and canons of the Anglican Church, which I regard as noble documents because they are the basis of church management for over four decades since it was established in Botswana this maladministration of the church affairs has never happened under the incumbent bishop's predecessors. The learned judge who ruled the matter in favour of the seven aggrieved priests was not biased against the bishop and his advisors, but his judgement was based on the merits of the matter on these documents and the employment laws of Botswana were violated.

Reverend Jacob P L Zachariah
Church member

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