Malawi Christians face up to the government

Rev Lazarus Chakwela

The Malawi Council of Churches (MCC), an umbrella body of all Christian Churches in the country has reaffirmed their commitment to guide and monitor the true observance of democracy and human rights.

The organization's General Secretary, Rev. Canaan Phiri told President Bingu Wa Mutharika and his cabinet ministers during the DPP National Convention in Blantyre that it would be a “huge mistake” for Churches in the country to keep silent, during situations, where democratic tenets, were not followed and respected.

“We have a God-given responsibility to guide this country for the good of the common man and women and future of democracy.
“We will praise, where praise is due and at the same time, we will criticize when something has gone wrong. We have a prophetic role to fulfill and we will maintain that at all cost to serve Malawi from doom,” said Rev Phiri. “It is our responsibility to correct any wrongs and tell the truth and we will not compromise this task,” said the cleric bluntly, while looking at Mutharika in the face.

Rev Phiri noted that for the past few years, political developments which have unfolded in the country have been very disturbing.

“Lately, we have witnessed some disturbing developments in the country, which have been embarrassing to mother Malawi. We would make sure that this trend does not continue,” said Phiri, amid a deafening silence.

The courageous cleric then told Mutharika that church leaders would be boycotting political rallies, if politicians would continue with “politics of insults”.

“It has been very disturbing to note that when we are asked to pray during political rallies, what follows next are insults. When we start boycotting some of these rallies, don't be surprised,” he said.

The cleric then asked all political leaders in the country to cultivate a good working relationship with the Church in order to “build a tolerant nation.”


All credit to The Malawi Council of Churches, but this does sound ominous.

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