No women need apply

ex-bishop Robinson Cavalcanti

From George Congar

The synod of the Diocese of Recife has voted to leave the shelter of the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone and affiliate with the third province movement in North America.

At its Dec 4-6 meeting in Jaboatão dos Guararapes the ex-Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil (IEAB) diocese voted to join with the ex-Episcopal Church dioceses of Pittsburgh, Quincy, Fort Worth and San Joaquin, along with a number of continuing American and Canadian Anglican and African-led jurisdictions, to form the new province.

The move from the Southern Cone to the third province will take place in June at the Anglican Church in North America’s founding convocation in Fort Worth.
Recife also agreed to amend its canons to bring it in line with the new province passing an ordinance forbidding the consecration of women priests to the episcopate, and also created an archdeaconry based in Rio de Janiero to oversee Anglican churches in Southeast Brazil that have seceded from the IEAB.

Although Recife ordains women to the diaconate and priesthood, the decision to conform its canons to the new province and forbid the consecration of women priests to the episcopate passed overwhelmingly. A spokesman noted the vote was taken the same day as Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti ordained the Rev. Pamela Schmaling to the priesthood.


A considerable kick in the teeth for Rev Schmaling, I'd have thought.

More generally it reiterates the patriarchal nature of religious conservatism and shows that negative attitudes to sexuality remain central to the conservative tune.


  1. Somehow my previous comment got onto the wrong post - for this one I want to say that I can't imagine that Gregory Venables will be very happy either 'losing' the Recife breakaway diocese to Bishop Bob, formerly of Pittsburgh.

  2. Never mind, Concerned Anglican. I always enjoy reading the comments left on the blog and so I had twice the pleasure.