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A member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Suleiman Abdurahman Kawu, has posited that the two holy books of the major religions, the Muslims' Qu'ran and Christians' Bible should take precedence over the country's constitution.

Kawu, a deputy minority leader in the House, in a presentation titled "Constitution Amendment. Let the Holy Qu'ran and Bible prevail over the constitution," noted that the section of the constitution which stated that the constitution is supreme be amended, since no law is greater than the creator.


Hon. Kawu, a member of the present constitution amendment committee, in a chat with LEADERSHIP WEEKEND stressed the view: "I personally, am of the opinion that we Nigerians should not respect the constitution more than how we respect the Holy Qua'ran or the Holy Bible because these two books are stronger than the constitution itself.


Well, the proposal has a certain intellectual consistency.

Apart from that I can't think of anything in its favour. How would it work in practice? In effect it would presumably put the law of Nigeria in relation to both scriptures much as historic British law is in relation to Human Rights principles: should there be a clash then the law must change.


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