Punishing the Diocese of Lake Malawi – an appeal to the Anglican Communion

ANGLICAN-INFORMATION reports that following our last issue ‘Diocese of Lake Malawi under interdict’ we have been asked to publish the letter below from Jean Msosa one of the senior lay members of the diocese.

Anglicans in Malawi have a strong sense of being part of the wider Anglican Communion and Jean Msosa’s letter is addressed to the Bishops of the Anglican Communion, a number of whom receive ANGLICAN-INFORMATION.

* * *

Dear Bishops of Anglican Communion,

Punishing the Lake Malawi Diocese at the Expense of Anglican Growth

I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in this New Year. My prayer is we have a good spiritual start.

I write this article to raise concern on the growth of our Church in Lake Malawi Diocese. At the moment we have not had our children confirmed for the past few years since our problems started in the Diocese.

My question is, are we serious about the growth of our Church? If we are why are we not resolving issues so that we can normalize the situation in the Diocese.

My worry is we are not helping our Church since some bishops in the leadership are punishing us the Christians who are fighting for justice. But the reality is there are many other Churches out there in Malawi which can take our children but how about the future of the Anglican Church?

As for us you know our stand. Nothing will move us from this Church regardless of what attempts are made to frustrate us. My prayer to the leadership of the Central African Church in this New Year is to make decisions which are guided by the Holy Spirit. Decisions which would not be questioned by Jesus if he came today.

Jean Msosa
Concerned Christian member of Lake Malawi Diocese

* * *

And from Canon Paul Wilson a lay canon of Birmingham Cathedral. (N.B. Birmingham Diocese, U.K. is a principal and long-standing link partner with the four Anglican Dioceses in Malawi)

The Diocesan Toyota Landcruiser

'I do not want to become embroiled in a debate about the rights and wrongs of the situation regarding the appointment of a Bishop to DLM. However - (and a quite big however) the Birmingham Diocesan Board of Finance channels very significant funds every year to all of the Malawi Dioceses in order that they may continue to function.

'We would very much like to see the keys for the Toyota Landcruiser* returned to the Vicar General so that this vehicle, which has been standing idle for so long, may be used for the purpose for which it was purchased. Because this vehicle is unavailable, I shall have to hire a car/van for my visit later this month.'

* * *
ANGLICAN-INFORMATION comments that this is a problem that the acting Dean of the Province, Albert Chama should have addressed long ago. The continued forced absence of the elected bishop of Lake Malawi means that control and oversight is lacking.

*The Diocesan Landcruiser has been kept out of use by the House of Laity for good reason. It was being used inappropriately by various clergy for their own private travel which including trading items across the diocese for personal gain.


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  1. It looks like the laity are the only ones to be trusted in the Central African Province. It does seem like Malawi get s a rough deal al the time. Bring back Trevor Mwamba of Botswana to get it all sorted out.