Troubles in lake Malawi

At the consecration of Bishop Francis Kaulanda
The Diocese of Lake Malawi continues to be an troubled place.

Zodiak Malawi reports that the Bishop, Francis Kaulanda, has once again suspended again Father Dennis Kayamba.  He has been suspended twice before. On this occasion he is accused of refusing to report for duties to an assigned station at Wimbe in Kasungu.

However Dennis Kayamba has effectively counter-sued. He has lodged an paper with the District labour office demanding his dues from the Diocese covering the period 2003 to 2011.

Kayamba was suspended in 2003 on allegations that he joined a 'Forward in faith Movement' and misappropriating funds at St Annes Hospital.

In 2006 he was a prosecution witness alleging that Fr Rodney Hunter had been poisoned by his cook, Leonard Mondoma.  (In December 2010 a court found that Canon Rodney Hunter had in fact been poisoned though it acquitted Leonard Mondoma.) (Added later: see comment below for correction) 

In 2007 Kayamba was suspended for granting an interview to a Nation Newspaper reporter as part of his opposition to the appointment of Nick Henderson as Bishop.

Bishop Kalunda's appointed had been challenged in court.
The objections, which allegedly included an affidavit with 150 signatures, claimed that Kaulanda had “failed to account properly for money meant for church projects which he was supervising as archdeacon of Nkhotakota between 2000 and 2001.” 

A BBC 'from our own correspondent' account of the consecration of its new Bishop is here. (July 2010)


  1. I have now seen the judge's report - he didn't say that Hunter had been poisoned. What he said was that neither side contested the allegation that he had.

    Mondoma's defence chose to go down the route that he could not have done it as there was no evidence. That was their most effective defence. They didn't address the issue of whether Hunter was actually poisoned a it was irrelevant from their point of view.

    Very few people believe that Hunter was poisoned as there is no evidence that he was, no motive and his symptoms were not those of poisoning.

  2. Observer, thank you - sorry to have been a few days before following up your comment.

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