The view from the other side

From The Chronicle (Harare)

Anglicans used as regime change tools
By E L Mukwereza

.... I am convinced beyond doubt that the British and American politicians are using our local Anglican bishops, priests, deacons and parishioners as tools for their entrenched regime change thrusts with the help of MDC movements.

... our two inspired bishops in this country voiced their abhorrence against homosexuality to the members of their "club" or 'association' called Province of Central Africa. They were there and then deemed to have been 'banned' or 'ex-communicated.'

... Having satisfied themselves falsely, they illegally appointed some long retired bishops to replace the bishops of Harare and Manicaland who had been procedurally, canonically and in accordance with the operative Acts of their Dioceses, enthroned.

The two illegally enthroned Bishops then high-jacked local gullible priests and laymen and women to follow them and subsequently made their church wardens, servers, church choir and structures of the Mothers' Union.

In the meantime, they claimed that they were the proper Anglican leaders from God. This caused dissent, confusion, misunderstandings, invasions and violence in the Diocese of Harare and Manicaland.

... Let us wake up and reposition ourselves and reconsider our paths — whether this is good for us and our God-fearing country or not. Your legitimate bishops in Harare and Mutare are there waiting for you to come back to your original faith and church. Not to that tainted with homosexuality and regime change policies and politics.

I don't suppose too many who read this here will flock to return to support Konunga.

It is always interesting to know just what the other side are saying and the rhetoric is interesting: legitimate Anglicans are disloyal, even treacherous, homosexual in fact or allegiance, misled and misinformed.

On the other hand Konunga faction are, above all, loyal to the regime. Now there's a pitch.

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