Upper Shire strategic plan

The strategic plan of the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire, Malawi has been published online here.

(The statements below differ from those at the head of the Zachimalawi report, which read like a earlier draft.

This seems to be the more polished version.)

Vision: A self-sustaining church that is Christ Centred and strives to serve humankind holistically.

Mission: The Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire is a Christ centred church that is commissioned to discipleship through the proclamation of the gospel, pastoral care and service delivery (both social and economic).

Core Values:
> Trust in God
> Love and compassionate in its ministry
> Transparency and Accountability
> Excellence in the way of doing things
> Ecumenical in its ministry
> Trust among its people
> Unity of purpose
> Upholding and defending the teaching of the Church
> Gender sensitive

Strategic Objectives:
> The following are the objectives of the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire:
> To ensure nurturing the people of God by offering quality pastoral care.
> To strengthen the proclamation of the Gospel through out the diocese and beyond.
> To develop the capacity of both laity and the clergy for the furtherance of the Gospel in the Diocese.
> To provide essential services to both members and non members in fulfilment of its call.
> To attain economical empowerment for purposes of the fulfilment of the church's' mission and self edification.
> To increase the Dioceses' visibility and impact in the country and beyond.

Guiding Principles:
> Draw inspiration from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
> Align itself and its operations to the Cannons of the Church of the Province of Central Africa and the Acts of the Diocese.
> Utilisation of available skills within and among the membership and then develop them further.
> Promotion of human development.
> Work in partnership with other like mind organisation.
> Promotion of self reliance through parish based self help projects.

These principles are then worked out in detail through the report. Long and short-term projects are missing, though I am sure there are many suggestions.

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  1. Lest this look like a triumph of optimism over reality may I suggest that it will only be achievable with a different bishop in about thirty five years time.

  2. Anonymous17/12/09

    Don't be such a pessimist!

  3. Penwatch is a realist!

  4. Anonymous17/12/09

    The 'reality' in Malawi is of a country of poverty and corruption, including in the Church, and of people scratching a living from the land.