Send a Christmas card to Harare

A Canadian winter for Christmas in Harare

From the Anglican Journal

This Advent, Canadian Anglicans are being invited to send a Christmas card as a show of solidarity to the new bishop of Harare, Chad Gandiya/Bishop Gandiya and members of his diocese continue to face challenges resulting from internal church divisions and political violence in Zimbabwe.

The diocese of Keewatin is sending a personalized card that is a print of a painting by its bishop, David Ashdown. The card, which can be downloaded here, depicts a winter landscape in Canada’s north.

“We invite you to download the [card], add your personal greeting, sign it and send it electronically to Bishop Gandiya at chadgandiya@googlemail.com or by surface mail to: The Right Reverend Chad Gandiya, 9 Monmouth Road, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe.

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