Anglican Information gets noticed

Anglican Information continues to be noticed more widely.

Damian Thompson 'Blogs editor of the Daily Telegraph', under the ironic (or sarcastic) title of News from the thriving Anglican Communion, used quotes from a recent AI post about Lake Malawi. His goal seems to be to ridicule the Communion.

The substance of the AI post was taken up by George Conger who has a wide readership. In the Church of England Newspaper (describing AI as 'a pressure group associated with the one-time bishop-elect of Lake Malawi, Ealing vicar the Rev. Nicholas Henderson.') he asserts that Scott Wilson withdrew his candidature for the See of Lake Malawi for reasons entirely unconnected with his membership of the schismatic ACNA. And it may well be so. (The article was reposted on Gonger's Religious Intelligence site.)

Conger also has a long piece on the legal battle surrounding the election of Chad Gandiya in Zimbabwe. Comger has his own sources and has often reported on the Church in Zimbabwe, though it is to be hoped that AI also contributes to his understanding of the situation.

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  1. As an occasional visitor to your blogsite and Anglican blogsite follower I have noticed that since NTSS and AI joined forces they are being picked up more than they used to be. This is a good thing as what they are covering doesn't get much attention elsewhere.

    The C of E Newspaper, George Conger and the associated Religious Intelligent site are of course hard-line conservative with a distinctly schismatic flavour. I don't get the remotest impression that that is the case with NTSS and AI.