Covenant still waiting

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At what point will the C of E send the Covenant to Dioceses for their views? My guess is - not till everything looks like a done deal so as to minimise oppostion and make the 'consultation' as irrelevant as possible.

In Scotland, where there has already been a fair amount of debate on the covenant - and a fair amount of scepticism, they do things differently.

From the Summary of the 2009 General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church:

Mr Stuart spoke about the latest draft of the Anglican Communion Covenant – the Ridley Cambridge draft. Prior to this being remitted to provinces for adoption, ACC-14 felt that it would be appropriate for further consultation to take place. Mr Stuart confirmed that the Ridley Cambridge draft would be sent to dioceses for their consideration and comment by mid-October so that those comments could be considered by the Provincial Faith & Order Board in late October to allow them time to submit a response on behalf of the Scottish Episcopal Church by 13 November – the date set by the Anglican Communion Office.

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  1. Should a Covenant ever emerge fully formed it will change Anglicanism into a confessional style church which is something it has never been.