What now?

No election – no result in the Anglican Diocese of Harare, Zimbabwe

ANGLICAN-INFORMATION reports the ‘result’ of the election for a new Anglican Bishop of Harare, Zimbabwe.

and the result is ....... that no election has taken place, as a correspondent writes:
‘I am not sure if you are aware that the elections for Harare have since been postponed at the last minute for no reason explained to the members of the Electoral College of the Diocese of Harare. Again Chama's tactics seem to be evident in this election. More information as it comes’.


  1. This is almost predictable:

    Either, Albert Chama the acting Dean has got wind that the election is not going to prodcue the 'right' result i.e. his favoured candidate, or somehow Nolbert Kunonga is in there stirring things up.

  2. I suspect the latter is probably the case!