New man, no change

Eliud Wabukala of Bungoma, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya from July

From Ecumenical News International

New Kenyan archbishop will 'keep stand' against same-sex unions

"We know there are challenges of building bridges among our communities, reconciling and healing the people. That's basically what I will do," said Wabukala, adding he would ensure that God's word is preached, taught and lived out. "I want to thank the electoral college for a very peaceful election and for maintaining the dignity of this church," he told journalists after his election.

In an interview with Canada's Anglican Journal on 26 April, Nzimbi had said, "When we talk about same-sex unions, it is to us a big challenge because missionaries, when they came here, taught us that we can't change the word of God … We never knew that something that we're hearing now would happen."

Bishop Bill Atwood of the All Saints Diocese, Nairobi, said, "The new archbishop is faithful to word of God. I am sure he will continue to be faithful to the world of God."

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