Malasa elected

The Rt. Rev Albert Chama, Bishop of Northern Zambia and Dean of the Church of the Province of Central Africa.

From Anglican Information

Youngest bishop in history confirmed for the diocese of Upper Shire, Malawi

Former Archbishop Bernard Malango’s one time chaplain, thirty year old Brighton Malasa has been confirmed as the choice of the bishops of the Anglican Central African Province, to be the next Bishop of Upper Shire diocese.

This announcement follows a day-long Court of Confirmation held by the Provincial Bishops in Malosa, Zomba, yesterday, Thursday 16th April. The announcement comes as no surprise as Malasa was the Provincial Bishops own choice of candidate after his rejection by the electors of the Diocese of Upper Shire.

Malasa’s candidacy has been mired in resistance and controversy throughout with strong objections to his appointment and accusations of financial, and moral misconduct from petitioners in the diocese. These petitions failed to change the Provincial Bishops decision but for credibility’s sake acting Provincial Dean Albert Chama of Northern Zambia, who has been a strong advocate of Malasa, should now issue a comprehensive statement explaining how the bishops arrived at their decision after so much opposition.

Comments coming in from the diocese in the last few hours:

‘The people are very confused’.

‘It’s a tragedy’.

‘The news is being telephoned around with great sadness’.

‘I know this will anger quite a lot of members in the diocese but we have to abide by what has been given to us by those who opted to choose him (Malasa) for us’.

‘How can donors trust us in future, with this man and his record’.

‘Remember, not all leaders are chosen by God. Those chosen by HIM are identified by their conduct and character, so let's wait and see the conduct and character of the chosen one’.

‘We’ve got him for the next 35 years’.


  1. Your picture shows a man who looks older than his thirty years. Reading this as an outsider it does smack of cronyism on the part of the bishops, no wonder people are so upset - even if half of the accusations are true.

    I despair for that part of the world but at least they haven't gone down the North American dissident supporters route which is even worse.

  2. Hear, hear.

    The chances of a bishop who has been in office for 35 years becoming a tyrant are high. No wonder they are apprehensive over there, as I've said before it's a small diocese.

    & will the donors donate now?

  3. The picture is Albert Chama, Malasa's sponsor, not Malasa himself.

  4. Dear Paul,

    Many thanks for the clarification about who the picture is of. I'm easily confused and thought he looked a bit old for thirty!