More on Anglican 'power sharing' in Zimbabwe

The Financial Gazette has an account of the meeting of Anglicans with Ministers with a different emphasis:

Sources said the ministers told the clergy, in the presence of their respective legal advisors, that the government was miffed by the disturbances in the church and ordered the equitable use of the premises.

“It’s more of a directive than an agreement,” added a source.


“We will give a statement later which will reflect the agreement,” said Chikumbirike. “The Ministers helped in reaching a resolution over the matter,” he said, refusing to disclose finer details of the agreement.

Michael Chigore, Bakare’s legal representative, said: “The differences remain, but there is an agreement. A joint statement by lawyers will be issued later.”

And it was obviously Konunga who was directed since Bakare has all along been looking for the court deal to be implemented.

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