Zimbabwe: under slightly different management

The Inauguration of Morgan Tsvangirai as Priminister of Zimbabwe

Morgan Tsvangirai's speech:

Today is an historic day for our country. As we form this transitional government, we look back with reflection on the difficult journey that has brought us to this day, and look forward with determination to the road that lies ahead.

To my fellow African leaders, there can be no turning back on the political agreement which each party has signed, knowing it is not a perfect agreement but still a workable one. An agreement that if implemented with good faith, will deliver a peaceful way forward toward a stable economy, a new constitution and free and fair elections. Brothers and sisters in SADC and the AU, we are counting on you to be our partners and to ensure that this agreement is upheld as we face the challenges of rebuilding our country in the days ahead.

Though today’s ceremony marks a very significant milestone on our democratic journey, it is only the beginning. On this day 19 years ago Nelson Mandela walked free from Victor Verster prison, an historic step on South Africa’s long road to freedom.

Tsvangirai called for an end to politicial polarization, to the 'culture of entitlement and impunity', and to people's need to flee the country for economic reasons.
People of Zimbabwe, I have a vision for our country that will guide me as Prime Minister. I will work to create a society where our values are stronger than the threat of violence, where our children’s future and happiness is more important than present political goals and where a person is free to express an opinion, loudly, openly and publicly without fear of reprisal or repression. A country where jobs are available for those who wish to work, food is available for those that are hungry and where we are united by our respect for the rights and dignity of our fellow citizens. This is the Zimbabwe that I am working towards.
To this end he intends:
1) to implement the democratization agenda
2) to tackle the humanitarian crisis
3) to stabilize the economy

All here.

But there are still the small problems of Zanu-PF, of entrenched violence, unbelievable inflation (I understand that some western institutions have been buying up samples of Zimbabwe dollar notes as collectors' items), political prisoners, systematic use of torture, hardly any economic activity, an empty Treasury, and extensive international scepticism.

Would you buy a used country from this man, even if the banner outside read 'Under New Management, in part'?


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  1. As a proud possessor of an old 50,000,000 Zim Dollar note, may I offer Morgan Tsvangirai three words of advice:

    "Remember Joshua Nkomo".