Tsvangirai has Kunonga's blessing

Jubilant MDC supporters after Morgan Tsvangiri's inauguration

Watching the Channel 4 News last night I realised I'd left cholera off the list of problems Tsvangirai faces. And the facts that health care, education, electricity and water supply have all effectively broken down.

And, perhaps most worring for future reconciliation, that the generals stayed away from the inauguration having vowed that they would never salute him.

And today I see one more Obama moment:

The invocation was delivered by Nolbert Kunonga, the former Bishop of Harare, who is known as “Mr Mugabe's bishop” and who was defrocked by the Anglican Church.
The report continues,

Though subdued at the inauguration, Mr Tsvangirai came alive at the subsequent rally and made promises that startled Western observers. In an attempt to win over the disgruntled security forces he pledged that all soldiers and policemen, as well as teachers and health workers, would be paid in foreign currency from the end of this month. In return he asked that all striking public sector workers return to their desks and all schools reopen on Monday. Western diplomats said that they had no idea where the bankrupt Treasury would find the funds.

“We are opening a new chapter for our country,” Mr Tsvangirai said, as he appealed for national healing and identified his three priorities as democratisation, ending the humanitarian crisis and stabilising the economy.

(from The Times)

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  1. I noticed this news too.

    The fact that Kunonga gave the invocation shows what a long uphill struggle Bishop Bakare has ahead of him. - and presumably his successor now that he is being 'pushed out'. As Anglican Information commented 'what a tangled web' of politics there is in Zimbabwe and Central Africa.

    We can only watch in open mouthed amazement.