Fallen from Grace

Dis Grace, First Shopper, Grasping Grace

From the Sunday Times

ZIMBABWE’S President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace have secretly bought a £4m bolt-hole in the Far East while his country struggles with hyper-inflation, mass unemployment and a cholera epidemic.

The Mugabes’ house, in an exclusive residential complex in Hong Kong, was purchased on their behalf by a middleman through a shadowy company whose registered office is in a run-down tenement block. When a reporter and a photographer called at the house last week, they were attacked by the Zimbabwean occupants. The assailants were questioned by the police.

The property came to light during a Sunday Times investigation into the Mugabes’ financial interests in Asia, where a web of associates has helped them to spend lavishly on luxuries and stash away millions in bank accounts. In Zimbabwe, meanwhile, inflation has reached 231m%, unemployment stands at 94% and 3,467 people have died in recent months from cholera.


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  1. This just goes to show that far from weakening the Mugabe regime is as strong as ever. It is actually growing in influence as its anti colonial stance permeates into other African countries.

    As long as the Chinese continue to bankroll African dictators in exchange for mineral rights there is little hope of change.