Nets for Life

From The Daily Times, Malawi

When a net save life

It is both stinking and excruciatingly hot in the Lower Shire, more so during the rainy season, with the perennial floods that provide an environment
conducive for mosquitoes to thrive making malaria a common occurrence to an extent of becoming epidemic to the area.

Although the hype and attention directed towards the HIV/Aids pandemic is so enormous when compared to equally devastating killer diseases, it is still unfathomable that malaria still remains the number one cause of deaths in the world with an under five child succumbing to the disease every 30 seconds.

Anglican Church Diocese of Southern Malawi Vicar General Charles Saleya Masina, who was guest of honour at the function, thanked other faith based organisations for collaborating with NetsForLife in its endeavour to assist government fight malaria. He disclosed that during the second Phase, at least 3 nets will be distributed per family to cater for large families. The second phase has been funded by Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD), a church organisation based in New York to the tune of $300,000.

NetsForLife is a collaborative partnership of several foundations and NGOs and it implements integrated malaria prevention through a network of local faith based organisations and NGOs and is currently in 18 countries including Malawi. In Malawi, NetsForLife works with Anglican Church that is made up of four dioceses which are Upper Shire, Lake Malawi, Southern Malawi and North Malawi. The church was registered in 1974 and has been providing health and education services since the early 1900 as part of their mission in serving communities.

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