Cholera in Zimbabwe

Waiting for water at an Unicef water point in Harare (Huffington Post article)

From Anglican Information

Whilst the situation deteriorates even further in Zimbabwe there remain few African voices raised against the brutal Mugabe regime. An exception has been the Most Rev’d Thabo Makgoba the Archbishop of Capetown.

Ironically, it is now the spectre of the cholera that is becoming rampant in Zimbabwe that may speak loudest.

The disease is spreading across borders into neighbouring countries as people flee its effects.
Cholera is a water borne bacterial killer causing severe and terminal dehydration. It is entirely preventable by the maintenance of good infrastructure and clean water supplies. It can be treated by re-hydration therapy and hospitalisation. None of these basic amenities are available so in the sewage filled streets the beginnings of a final catastrophe are evident.

President Mugabe has today publicly announced that the cholera epidemic is over .........................................

In the meantime the Anglican mouthpiece of the Mugabe government in the person of self-styled Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga is also on the rampage. His future and that of the Central African Anglican Province hinges on the fate of Robert Mugabe.......and the cholera.

We publish below a mailing from Avondale Church, Harare, currently occupied by Kunonga.

Date: Thursday, December 11, 2008 09:13
From: Avondale Parish

Nolbert Kunonga has invaded Avondale church, ostensibly for a retreat for approximately 45 of his "clergy", some of whom are sleeping on mattresses in the Youth Room. The Youth Room had been booked for a meeting of Diocesan Readers on Saturday afternoon - the organisers have been told that it will now not be available, as the the retreat goes on until Saturday; on Sunday Kunonga is ordaining more "clergy"*in the Cathedral.

He has also taken over the hall, kitchen, parking and now the reception area so that the Avondale and Diocesan office staff have not been able to work since yesterday (Wednesday).

There is currently no working landline at the office where Bishop Bakare is now working from; the Diocesan computers and files are still at Avondale.

The Healing Communion Service could also not be held yesterday.

Please pray for the eviction of Kunonga and his cohorts. We are trying to get an urgent Court Order to evict them.

There will be an all night vigil at St Luke's Greendale on Friday 12 December 2008 at 8:00 pm to pray for the church and diocese concluding with Communion on Saturday morning.

If you cannot be there please also pray for the amelioration of the situation.

If you wish to join our mailing list, simply sendyour request to: avondaleparish.cpca@gmail.com

* NB Kunonga is busy ordaining untrained men of dubious background, more akin to thugs.


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