A couple of books

I have recently found two books on Google Books which may be of interest (previews available).

James Tengatenga,

African Books Collective, 2006

ISBN 9990876517, 9789990876512

223 pages

Missionary history in Africa asserts that political history on the continent
cannot be understood without an in depth understanding of the workings of the
missions: missionary activities and ideologies were central to political
consciousness. The Anglican Church was involved in society, education, health
and politics right from its first foray into Malawi. This study considers the
nature of the involvement of that Church in society, and how it engaged with the
State from its genesis in the colonial period through the post-independence
period to the new post-Banda political dispensation in 1994. It illustrates how
the Church was involved on both sides of the independence struggle; and
interrogates why it fell conspicuously silent thereafter.

The Steamer Parish: The Rise and Fall of Missionary Medicine on an African Frontier

Charles M. Good

University of Chicago Press, 2004

ISBN 0226302814, 9780226302812

487 pages

In the mid-1800s, a group of High Anglicans formed the Universities' Mission to
Central Africa (UMCA). Inspired by Dr. David Livingstone, they felt a special
calling to bring the Church, education, and medical care to rural Africans. To
deliver services across a huge, remote area, the UMCA relied on steamer ships
that were sent from England and then reassembled on Lake Malawi. By the
mid-1920s, the UMCA had built a chain of mission stations that spread across
four hundred miles. In The Steamer Parish, Charles M. Good Jr. traces the
Mission's history and its lasting impact on public health care in south-central
Africa-and shows how steam and medicine, together with theology, allowed the
Mission to impose its will, indelibly, on hundreds of thousands of people.
What's more, many of the issues he discusses-rural development, the ecological
history of disease, and competition between western and traditional medicine-are
as relevant today as they were 100 years ago.

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