Zimbabwe: still no agreement

The Telegraph reports:
Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, said he would form a new government
"as soon as possible" yesterday, after his neighbours backed him over the
country's deadlocked power-sharing agreement.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change had been demanding control of
the home affairs ministry, but a Southern African Development Community (SADC)
summit in Johannesburg at the weekend said the post should be shared.


Statement from the Movement For Democratic Change on the outcome of the SADC Extra-Ordinary summit on the Zimbabwe dialogue

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The Extraordinary Summit of the SADC leadership, held on the 9th November 2008, has just concluded with the resolution that a Government of National Unity be formed immediately in Zimbabwe and furthermore that the Ministry of Home Affairs be co-ministered between the MDC and Zanu PF.

With greatest respect to SADC, the issues before them, which were not resolved by the facilitator’s various visits to Zimbabwe and by the Troika meeting held in Harare on 27th October 2008, centred around the following:
  • The equitability and fairness in the allocation and distribution of all ministerial portfolios.
  • The immediate agreement and legal passage of Constitutional Amendment 19
  • The constitution and composition of the National Security Council
  • The equitable allocation of Provincial Governors
  • The fraudulent changing of the Global Political Agreement between its acceptance by the principals on 11th September 2008, and the signing of the same on 15th September, 2008
The MDC is shocked and saddened that the SADC Summit has failed to tackle these key issues .
It is precisely because of this that we remain committed to the agreement signed 15th September. It is precisely because of this that we cannot accept any arrangement that does not allow the MDC to effectively contribute to ending this suffering.

I would like to put out that the failure to consummate and implement the Global Political Agreement means that there is no legitimacy on any government or any person purporting to be Head of State. In short, Mr Mugabe is not the President of Zimbabwe without this agreement. Given this dangerous and precarious situation and the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe we hope and pray that the guarantors of the agreement, in particular progressive members of SADC and the African Union, will now move very quickly to try and salvage this agreement.

We remain committed to the agreement and peaceful resolution of the Zimbabwean crisis and I am hopeful that sooner, rather than later, the democratic voice and vote of the Zimbabwean people will be heard and respected by our African institutions.

Until that day, the MDC will continue to stand with the people of Zimbabwe, for it is from them that we derive our legitimacy, and because of them, that we remain resolute in our struggle for democracy.

Thank you

Morgan Tsvangirai
President Movement for Democratic Change

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