DRC: Silent Genocide

Angola to send troops into the Congo

Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal
Amnesty International Action

The Catholic Bishops of the Congo have published a statement on the conflict:

2. We are living through a genuine human tragedy that, as a silent genocide, is being carried out under everyone's eyes. The large-scale massacres of the civil population, the selective extermination of young people, the systematic violations carried out as a weapon of war, have again been unleashed with
unthinkable cruelty and virulence against the local population that has never
asked for more than a tranquil and dignified life in their lands. Who is
interested in such a tragedy?

4. It is obvious that the natural resources of the D.R. of Congo fuel the greed
of certain powers that are not foreign to the violence imposed on the
population. Indeed, all the conflicts take place on the economic routes and
around mineral deposits.


What Do We Request?
6. We ask for the immediate cessation of
hostilities and that conditions of security be guaranteed for the return of all
the displaced to their lands.

7. We appeal with greatest urgency for national and international
solidarity, so that humanitarian aid is increased in favor of the thousands of
men, women and children crowding the camps.

8. We invite the whole Cong olese population to a national awakening to
live as brothers and sisters, in solidarity and national cohesion, so that the
D.R. of Congo will not be carried away by violence and divisions.

9. We exhort the Congolese government to make all the necessary efforts to
re-establish peace throughout the national territory. It is the sacred duty of
our political leaders to exercise their functions of government to protect the
people and guarantee the security of the borders. No one ignores the fact that
the lack of a republican army is harmful to peace in the country.

10. We appeal to the international community to be sincerely committed to
respect for international law. We consider it an imperative need to send a force
of pacification and stabilization to re-establish rights in our country. The
whole world will gain more with a Congo in peace than a Congo at war.

All here.


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