Calling for political help in Botswana

Bishop of Botswana, Trevor Mwamba

In a further article in Mmegi dissidents in the Diocese say they will make legal and political trouble for Bishop Mwamba

Some Anglicans in Gaborone are planning to approach the Minister of Labour and Home Affair, Peter Siele, to resolve the dispute that is rocking the church.

The members want to force out the Anglican Bishop
Trevor Mwamba who has refused to quit despite a petition calling for his resignation. The faithful say Siele should probe whether the foreigners working
for the church have work permits.

A source in the church told Monitor that some foreigners are working for the diocese without the required papers. He alleged that Mwamba has appointed a South African as Dean and Vicar General even though there are qualified Batswana who can fill the position.

"The work permit for the Dean was rejected on the basis that there were Batswana who can take up the position. We want the minister to have first hand information on misfortunes that have befallen our church," the source said.

He added that the dean is a close friend of Mwamba hence his appointment was not on merit but favouritism.

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It is impossible from the UK to get a sense of proportion on this dispute. No newspaper would pass up the opportunity to stir the pot. But it does feel as though relatively few people are making a lot of noise.

But a small group can still do a lot of damage. Churches, like any other group, suffer when they are divided. Attention and money that should go to building up the church gets diverted into internecine squabbling. Lawyers may get paid but even they get hurt. And the ordinary worshipper inevitably suffers from the corrosive effects of the conflict no matter how far from it they may be personally.

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