Bishop of Salisbury talks sense

Nick Holtam on his
consecration as Bishop of Salisbury
Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall at the next meeting of the House of Bishops?

Nick Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury, has been interviewed by Ruth Gledhill in the Times (behind the paywall).

He says,
"If the Anglican Covenant had been in existence, would we have had women priests? And I think the answer is no, because we would have had to take a much more cautious approach. Although its architects say it is not designed to exclude I can't but read it without concluding that it is intended to exclude groups and specifically the Episcopal Church and the Canadian Church and parts of the Church of England."
Nor does he think it is his role, as the Archbishop of Canterbury thinks is his, to 'sublimate' his views to the views of the Church:
"Part of responsible leadership is having the vision, the sight, to see that's where I want to go."
he told the Times.

Oh, and by the way, he believes there is 'no distinction between heterosexual and homosexual unions.'

No wonder the Archbishops didn't want him when the Diocese of Southwark was being considered.


  1. JEAN Mayland3/2/12

    Three cheers for + Nick

  2. Holy Wholesome Priest, this guy actually is a real human being, speaking real speak, touching real hearts and souls...is it too soon for him to become ABC? One(s) deep in the depths of Anglicanoland can surely hope (I think I´ll make an offering to the Maya God of Weaving just in case he needs a new ceremonial ensemble for his enthronement at Canterbury)! Yikes!

  3. Sorry, that would be Goddess of Weaving (good thing there is no Anglican Covenant yet) and her name is Ixchel (she really knows her stuff)! I think I´ll do a post dedicated to her and Bishop Nick!

  4. What a kind and attractive face Bishop Nick has! I know one is not supposed to draw conclusions from this sort of thing, but I cannot help see in his expression here what Kenneth Clark called 'the smile of reason'.