Communications Director: mind the barbed wire

Colin Coward at Changing Attitude has blogged that the Church of England's next Communications Director had better be pure, heterosexual, never-sinned-and-repented, and probably male.

Should the presumptions behind William Fittall's approach to recruitment be tested I think they would at least border on illegal discrimination. But I also have no doubt that Fittall is a good officer whose views coincide with those of his superiors. The Equalities Act and the egalitarian valuation of people that motivated such legislation (however inadequate in many ways) is a real stumbling block to those whose world view and ecclesiology is engrained with irrelevant discriminatory attitudes.
Peter Crumpler

According the the Communication Office's web page the present Director of Communications, Peter Crumpler, was, for 20 years, "in communications with British Gas". Sometimes it can take that long to sort out a bill.

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