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Bishop Alan's blog sets out his views on the Covenant:
Well, the Covenant may be, as the Archbishops say it is, a Very Wonderful Thing. On the level of the Trades Descriptions Act, however, if more than half the people don’t buy it, there is no way it can honestly be seen as summing up the basis of their identity. At the very least it needs a trip back to the holy drawing board to turn it into something most people actually own. The matter speaks for itself, as the lawyers say.
When I wrote my CT piece I thought I would get a flush of answers explaining its virtues to me. No such luck.
What I got instead was concerns from all over the communion founded on fears it will turn the Anglican Communion into the kind of denomination where you opt in by signing up rather than turning up. Some will face legal complications — one Canadian legal officer estimated it would add $10K to law suits over land if the dioceses had to establish their Anglican credentials in addition to what they have to do now.
The whole thing is foolish, and founded on a damaging control fantasy. Best give it a decent Christian burial and move on.
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