Press and net comment on Chad Gandiya's consecration

The Bishop of Harare, Chad Gandiya, with his family after his consecration

Congratulations (if that's the right word) to Bishop Chad Gandiya on his consecration and enthronement as Bishop of Harare.  He will undoubtedly need all the prayers, help and cash that can be raised.

The Herald's report is here, curiously neutral in its comments on both the consecration and the opposition from Kunonga.  New Zimbabawe begins optimistically, but then gives more space to Kunonga's comments.

An Ecumenical News International press release is carried by the (Canadian) Anglican Journal.

The earlier stage of Kunonga's attempt to prevent the consecration is briefly reported by The Sunday Mail and Nehanda Radio.

The visit of Peter Price, Bishop of Bath and Wells and the Archbishop of Canterbury's representative, is noted here (before he set off).

And Anglican Information's accounts seem to be getting more publicity for the Central African Province, not least through the Episcopal Cafe with its considerable readership.


  1. Thanks for your comments and the photo graph. I have met Chad Gandiya and its a great day in Harare. Of course, what readers probably don't know is that, like the other story that you often run about Malawi and Bishop Nicholas Henderson, Chad Gandiya was also a former Archbishop Bernard Malango victim.

    When Gandiya stood for Harare at the time of the election of the notorious Nolbert Kunonga Malango booted him off for so-say 'gay' activities and pushed his favourite Kunonga in. There was plenty of that sort of thing going on in Malango's day and sadly the legacy lingers on subliminally in the present Central African set up.

    I'm really pleased that NTSS and Anglican Information have joined forces as it will indeed make the site more accessible to the big blogs like the Episcopal Church's 'The Lead' on Episcopal Cafe.

    Keep up the good work! People like me with some connections with African and a concern for the wider Anglican Communion are really grateful as otherwise this area is neglected and forgotten

  2. I agree with Penwatch - it is now obvious that the larger blog sites are picking up on articles highlighted by Not the Same Stream and Anglican Information.

  3. nice posting. very good work. thank you. :)