Apologies - and a new beginning

First, my apologies for not posting for a month. My role with EAASSG has become all-consuming and I'm afrain this blog has been one of the casualties.

(I know, this is not good, and I accept all lectures on work-life balance. But that's the way it is at the moment and will be for the foreseeable future until more people can be brought on board. Any one in the area of Newcastle upon Tyne interested in helping? Responsibility for the EAASSG website is about to fall into my lap, I think.)

However my silence has prompted a new start: the good people at Anglican Information have been in touch and the upshot is that they are willing to contribute to this blog directly. (I have failed to post some material they sent for which, again, I apologise.)

They - or whoever takes on this task for the collective - will be an equal author wholly responsible for their own content. I look forward to new, well informed and provocative posts.

Paul Bagshaw


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  1. Good for you Paul. I'm an avid follower of Anglican Information and your blogsite as between you there is news of Africa that you can't find elsewhere. Most bloggers are chasing around North America which leaves Central Africa forgotten (as usual). Thanks for letting AI use the site.

    Good luck with EAASSG - I had a look and it seems like important work to me.